When Love is Forgotten

When Love is Forgotten is a book that is designed to give couples a transparent look at the real issues and concerns plaguing most marriages. Often in today’s marriages, couples are ill-equipped and misinformed on the realities of marriage. In this book, couples will be given the necessary biblical and spiritual tools to help navigateContinue reading “When Love is Forgotten”

Jaxon Swags In colors with God

In this brightly, lively, illustrated, and funny story Jaxon will lead you on one surprising adventure after another with a delightful and laughable story about colors. While learning all about the beautiful and fantastic love of God, that is sure to please all beginning and intermediate readers.

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief is the real-life journey and accounts of what it means to be a true African American Queen in a society of disconnect and disrespect. All the while surviving betrayal, infidelity, loneliness, grief, and sorrow. Often we attract and connect to the tribulations of others in this crazy mixed-up world instead of that, ofContinue reading “Beyond Belief”


According to the writer of Success Magazine @ Success.com, “Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself.  I have lived my life with the understanding that life is never about a destination, it’s about the journey. We experience life differently, problems, solutions If we are blessedContinue reading “It’s OK TO PAUSE”

How to Love a Godly Man

How to Love a Godly Man is a book about love, tribulation, and divine purpose on how to love a man of God. This book is a guide to understanding and knowing who you are as a couple and not only for God but for each other.

The Aspects of a Wife

This is a book that can help men and women relate to each other in a way to help make better choices in developing relationship goals and standards when choosing future life partners.

Don’t Block The Message

Don’t block the message is a book about how we block our own success with the choices we make either out of fear or not knowing. It is my hope to enlighten, empower, and inspire others to live the extraordinary life that God has intended for all of us to live.


Untold is a book based on the scintillating tales of three women. Which consist of their trials and tribulations with their quest to find a man of god in todays’s modern society. While also focusing on their relationships with one another, each of them struggles with finding peace with the God after their disastrous relationships.

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