Beyond Belief

By Kendretta Watkins

Beyond Belief is the real-life journey and accounts of what it means to be a true African American Queen in a society of disconnect and disrespect. All the while surviving betrayal, infidelity, loneliness, grief, and sorrow. Often we attract and connect to the tribulations of others in this crazy mixed-up world instead of that, of our creator. We sometimes lack faith, belief, and trust in our own abilities and skills endowed to us by God. In Beyond Belief it will show all the challenges of a God-driven woman’s experiences to find not only love, happiness, and success but to address how we all self sabotage our future with a lack of action and dedication. It is my hope to you, my readers, that you become empowered, inspired, and educated from my life circumstances on how I learn to survive, overcome and move forward in the life God has planned and desired for me.