Design Your Life Self Evaluation

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Questions 1 through 5: Demanding Your Happiness

Are you Happy? (using the scale below)
2. Do you show kindness in general? (using the scale below)
3. Do you believe that you have a right to be happy?
4. Do you feel like you allow others to use you for their happiness?
5. Do you feel fulfilled in your life and relationships?


0 - 19: You are having problems understanding and defining what happiness means to you. You should evaluate what is happiness to you personally.  You sometimes give too much of yourself to pleasing others rather than seeking your own happiness which often leaves you feeling like a victim. Try doing things that bring you pleasure. You may need to seek professional assistance/counseling for possible depression.


20 – 39: You appear to have a good sense of what happiness means to you. However, you are not always sure on how to maintain it. You tend to sometimes link your happiness with others which, can sometimes jeopardize you demanding your own personal happiness. You may want to start taking personal time to yourself and doing things that make you happy that don’t involve pleasing others.


40 – 50: Congratulations you have learned to balance and maintain your sense of happiness while still giving to others. You have learned what your personal happiness is and you not afraid to let others know when it is time to give back to yourself.

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